General Maintenance
A newly installed tap running in a bathroom in Kurri Kurri

General Plumbing Maintenance Kurri Kurri

While Subat Plumbing Services is the business you can trust when you are facing a problem with your plumbing systems, we also believe in being proactive to prevent some of those issues from surfacing. We offer general maintenance services to residential and commercial clients in the area.

Standard plumbing preventive maintenance can ensure that you avoid serious problems down the road. Often by the time you notice symptoms of a plumbing issue, the issue has become major. Preventative maintenance and servicing is all about preventing those little problems from becoming big, expensive ones down the track.

With regular maintenance to assess your plumbing systems, big blockages and water pipe leaks can be detected before they are even noticeable. The cause of the blockage can be picked up and fixed early.
At Subat Plumbing Services we are ready to help you maintain your plumbing systems. If you can spend a little money each year to maintain your plumbing, you will avoid spending a lot of money two or three years down the road on time-consuming and difficult repairs.

The longer you ignore those little leaks, drips and clogs, the worse they are going to get. Plumbing fixtures and systems do not fix themselves! Any problem you notice will most definitely get worse over time.

We recommend that you hire us for preventive maintenance regularly. If you are running a business, we can come to your premises at regularly scheduled intervals. Companies that rely on their kitchen, should have us carry out servicing more frequently. Homeowners should be okay with annual maintenance, as it’s enough time between checks to notice any problems that can be resolved efficiently and inexpensively.
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Home Plumbing Inspection

With an annual inspection, all your plumbing systems and fixtures will be functioning as intended. We assess your drains, shower, toilets, dishwasher, washing machine, sewer system and any other ... Read more
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Drain Maintenance

Drain maintenance is essential because it prevents issues such as clogging or a complete blockage in your drains. Efficient kitchen and floor drains are critical for ensuring water doesn’t sit and stagnate in your pipes, creating an environment for bugs and foul smells.
A plumber checking a hot water system in Kurri Kurri

Hot Water System Maintenance

With our hot water system maintenance service, you can make sure that you never experience a day where you are stuck taking a cold shower at the most inconvenient of times.